Vegenetables“ 2013, material mix in wooden chest, 30 x 30 cm

Some serious issues are better introduced in humorous manner.

The controversially discussed genetic engineering and manipulation of nutritional plants is playfully brought into attention in my work. But only at first sight. A closer inspection shows ruptured material or cold silver surfaces. The humorous re-creations, recognizable in the word creations of painting titles („Auberschoke“ from aubergine and artichoke, „Paprigine“ from paprika and aubergine, and „Zimate“ from lemon (German: Zitrone) and tomato) are created of destroyed material.


Vegenetables“ 2011, mixed technique on canvas, 40 x 40 and thematic scetches


Another critical art work in the field of gene manipulation, the „Homotaurus“: here »