Tree of Perception


„Even if we don’t understand the other side of the tree, because we only see the tree from a certain side, the other sides still exist! Thus a single side is only part of the whole, a segment of the truth.“ MaMuK


The installation,entitled „Tree of Perception“ from 2015 (India ink on canvas) consists of the symbols of 12 different world religions. The symbols are attached around a tree stem in an equal height. A very thick stem will optimize the statement of this artwork.

My exposition „Tree of Perception“ unites 12 religious persuasions, which are symbolized by 12 religious signs. Not one rises above the others. Each individual side of the tree bears a piece of the truth, while the tree is only a whole entirety that exists from many smaller parts. Looking at it from one angle alone will only reveal a particular aspect, while the whole can only be perceived by walking around the tree. Each religion has the same right to exist.


This installation takes part at ://self~imaging
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