„Sharing – travalling installation for tables“

Like – Comment – Share are the keywords of the social networks.
My table installation shows, what might have been the possible origin of that: 12 blocks with thumbs up, a bread, a goblet of wine and in the middle a sign with the word „Share“. The contemporary Facebook happening is transported into the Christian context of the Last Supper: Agree and Share, sometimes en passant at Facebook, visible in my work as basic human phenomenon.

The travelling installation for public spaces is conceived to be arranged on tables at the relevant places. The installation thereby becomes a new artwork over and over again.

The installation only exists at one location for a short time, a few hours or just a day. The bread and wine of that installation are not durable and would spoil after a while. It is particularly allowed to consume the victuals while during the presentation.

The installation was already presented in my studie, on Facebook, inside of the town hall of Filderstadt, at a motorway service on Maundy Thursday, during artist talks and exhibitions in Hagen, Nürtingen, Stuttgart, Backnang and Kassel.

The installation travels since 2013, and I’m glad about every coming opportunity to share my table.

„We have learned to see in bread a means of communion between men, for men break bread together. We have learnt to see in bread the symbol of the dignity of labor, for bread is earned in the sweat of the brow. We have learnt to see in bread the essential vessel of compassion, for it is bread that is distributed to the miserable. There is no savor like that of bread shared between men.“
Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, Flight to Arras