Mini Installations, material mix in wooden box with a glass panel, 20 x 31 x 8.5 cm, 2009

„Technical Health“

The installation shows a car in a surgical room, being „operated“ by a physician. The hospital routine may sometimes leave the feeling that patient care is only provided technically, without reviewing the whole human being. The developments in modern medical technology may sometimes make us blind for the substantial healing and health processes, and that the patient is more than a „case“.


What are the consequences of genetic engineering and manipulation and reproduction of genetic materials in biology and humankind?
Where are the ethical boundaries in that research, creating new options in medical treatments on the one hand, and new health risks on the other hand?
That question remains unanswered: „who is empowered?“

„Into gold“

That mini installation addresses trash recycling. It shows the creation of gold from scrap, dust and garbage! Is recycling yet for environmental reasons, or are just financial interests behind all this?