Protective Art foil

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Artistic protective foil – Car patch as multiple

The foil is weatherproof and self-sticking and is designed like a plaster. The patch has an imprint: „Kunst-Schutzfolie“ (protective art foil
That plaster can be pasted on to minor paint damages of a vehicle body, and is available in three different designs. Each motive is available 100 times, for €20 per sheet. Please use the contact form » for purchase requests.



„Art against unaesthetic scars“

„Plaster instead of paint repair“

„Cult against philistine“

„Multiples against silver-gray mainstream“

„The car as outdoor gallery“



Press commentaries:

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How a plaster can become art
Müller emphasized the „multiple plaster“ as useful, when colliding with something on the road. To paste scratches on one’s vehicle, Marion Musch (39) has designed many different DIN A4 foils with varied, alienated and enhanced characteristics of plaster and pavement. She pasted her own car and exhibited it on the paved road in front of the town hall (Marbacher Zeitung, 1st June 2008) »

A plaster applied to a car’s front hood, with the typical shape to secure small injuries. But why on a car body? „The idea grew from my children“, Marion Musch explains. „When they were little, they always had some injuries“. That’s how one of her children fell against her car and caused a bump. Mother and son thought, the car would need a plaster as well, Marion Musch remembers laughing. The history of this unusual first aid reveals the flexibility of the 42 year old artist. (Filder Zeitung, 27th December 2011) »

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