Installation „naveling“

Model of the installation „naveling“ (planned room installation)

Project idea „naveling“ as accessible installation (planned)

A huge room installation shall be created with distorted red and blue ropes. The ropes will be reinforced with wires, and thus be also able to vertically „grow“ from the floor. Additionally they will be sheathed. Some trials with different material will be needed.
This installation consists of various navel cords. The cords will be individually set out in the room, and create a frozen atmosphere of plenty motions.

The navel cords are cut, not only the bodily, but also the spiritual. They are cut from their spring/origin and grow roots „in the air“ in the somewhere. Some cords do even evince nodes and intricate ways.

Each process of cord clamping is severing something and thereby something new develops. It is a depiction of the search for origin.
Where are the cut cords „naveling“?´What are they searching, what will they find? Where does the yearning in freedom of separation lead? No navel-gazing, but devotion, a thirst for new connection.
Where do we „navel“?