Early Works

Works from school days, art studies and final dissertation (Selection):

„Who does not honour the past, loses the future. Who destroys his roots, can’t grow.“

Friedensreich Hundertwasser, 1991

These are 8 of 20 works from my diploma; the topic was „horizontal and vertical design elements in picture composition“, 1995 (Technique: Caseintempera on canvas). The picture „Window to the Sea“ is in the possession of the Kreis-Kunst-Sammlung of the district of Esslingen.


„Heads in Green“ (Garden of the Tortured)“, Diptychon, 1994, Caseintempera on canvas, 2x(120 x 90cm), 3rd academic year)

Farbklang III

„Color Tone III“, Oil Ppastels on wood, 120 x 100 cm, 2nd academic year.


Open study of a „male portrait“, „portrait Heinrich George“, loosely based on a painting from Otto Dix, „Irini“ from my portrait „Irini“, 1987, „Child Portrait“, 1988

The paintings were created as practical part of my graduation work (Jahresarbeit) „Body Language“ (1987)