Cross depiction

The paintings „Cosmic Triangle I and II“ and the painting „Earth-Triangle“ are ash-red wine varnished on canvas. Each painting shows a cross.

Three big bent rusty nails perforate the canvas, connected by a white thread. The nails represent the 3 nails of crucifixion. I’m not after a naturalistic depiction of Christ`s Expiration, like in Matthias Gruenewald`s „Isenheimer Altar“. I’m focusing on a forceful presentation of the punishing nails. It costs quite an effort to break through the canvas, to destroy the picture scene, and irrupt into the surface. The impression is reinforced by the flowing red wine streaming through ashes.

Death, grief, evanescence!

There is a new layer, nearly indistinguishable, symbolized by the white thread. The nails form a triangle pointing downwards.


The wine I used as painting material is largely symbolic. Ash and wine are in contrast. The ash is a symbol for the end point, the evanescence. The wine yet is a citation of the religious symbol of salvation.

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