Art therapy

Art therapy is available individually or in groups. It is possible that your health insurance compensates the costs completely or partially.

I will be happy to personally advise and inform you about the ways and means.Please contact me: tel. 0 71 58 / 95 48 260 or use the contact form: here »



Painting therapy…
…promotes quality of life and leads to deepened engagement with an emotional quality of experience of the soul.
The painting lessons will warm and relax your organism. Spiritual developments are nurtured, offsetting processes are stimulated in functional and organic areas.

At Drawing/form-drawing…
…we will consciously develop lines, rhythmic arrangements of the motions, and the contrast of light and dark. In this process I will help orientating and stabilizing on coordination and concentration.


At Plasticizing…
… thinking, experiencing, and acting will be taken to a new and living interrelation.The spatial awareness and thesenses of haptic and of balance are of particular importance when graspingthe laws of form, proportion and composition.

Grief support
„Farewell Picture“
Letting a beloved person go, or feeling him a last time, telling him one more thing for the way.
What is difficult to put in words might be easier to express with colors.
You have the opportunity to fond and paint a guided picture for your farewell or your keepsake.